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Easy to Manage Websites that will Adapt, Scale and Track Your Visitors

Web development Company San DiegoTo our clients, Web development with all of its programming and technical details is probably the least exciting part of creating an Internet marketing platform. For us, well, we absolutely love, it and this is why:

How your Website is developed impacts the performance of everything in an Internet Marketing Strategy. Really, everything.  From future site management, to scalability, to Search Engine Rankings (SEO), to paid advertising, to third party tool integration, even to what employees you may want to hire down the road.

Getting your web development model right at the start is critical to your future success. This is where Lead Discovery can be your greatest asset. Our knowledge in web development, software integration and deep understanding of internet marketing are driving factors in how we develop your website. Our insight and planning results in websites that will easily adapt to change, simplify administration, lower future management and upgrade costs while providing superior performance.

Website Development Features

  • Compliant code that works perfectly in all modern browsers
  • Not a black box - owners can easily update text and images
  • Pick your flavor: PHP, ASP, .Net MySQL, SQL or CMS we do it all
  • JQUERY features that don't require visitors to use plug-ins
  • HTML5 and Microdata tagging
  • Optimized for fast page download times
  • Folders and pages structured to match SEO best practices
  • Designed to display in all devices: Smart phones, Tablets, PC and HDTV
  • Easily add new features like advertising, third party tools, or tracking code in the future
  • Web structure is designed to work seamlessly with advanced features of Google web analytics

Lead Discovery is proficient in developing traditional database driven websites, or on CMS platforms like Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla and many eCommerce packages as well.  More importantly, we don't force technology on our clients simply to build out our portfolio or pad our profits. No, we're perfectly happy developing simple, effective, low cost websites if that is what the client's requirements call for.

Get an accurate and honest estimates to design and develop a professional website for your company.