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Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile Development and Advertising

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Expand Your Reach With a Mobile Website, Apps and Advertising

Mobile Website DevelopmentNearly 80% of consumers use a mobile device like a SmartPhone, Tablet or Phablet at some point during their buying process.  Tablet owners use their device while watching TV and Smartphone users capture and share physical world inspirations through pictures and video. Video game consoles like the PS4 and XBox1 are now called entertainment systems because their purpose now is to explore the Internet - Video channels and websites. Yes, In 2014 consumers WILL be shopping from their HDTV just as much as from their PC.


The great news for you is that many businesses have yet to adapt by integrating mobile web development or mobile marketing into their internet strategy. This means you have less competition, lower acquisition costs and an opportunity to gain a strong advantage over your competition. Think of it this way, what if today only 1% of your competition had a website and even fewer were advertising their services on Google? Devoid of competition your business would be generating large profits. This is the situation with mobile right now, are you going to leave the profits on the table?

Our Mobile Marketing Services

Web Design and Development for Any Display.
We will fashion a responsive website that changes its layout according to the device type and screen size that accesses it, automatically! Stunning experience on HDTV, easy navigation with swipe and touch on a Smartphone or iPad. Best of all the design is only ONE website so administration of your content is simplified. Connect with 80% of your audience with a responsive website!

Marketing to the Mobile Audience
The attitudes, behavior and intentions of your website visitors depend largerly on their physical location and the device they are using. A small screen smartphone visitor is unlikely to conduct in-depth shopping, an HDTV visitor is likely more enterainment focused and the desktop PC visitor may be inclined towards deeper research and buying. We create advertising campaigns that match the visitors location, device and overall intent to the appropriate ad making their experience connected and simple. If that isn't precise enough we also target by interest, affinity, time and even current weather conditions.

Take advantage of the Mobile opportunity NOW while you still have the edge.
There are a myriad of ways to create a mobile presence from paid services that convert parts of your website, to custom mobile apps, to responsive web designs.

Lead Discovery is well versed in creating the best, long term and least expensive mobile option for your business. We will help you select the right mobile development strategy for your business then help you build it fast and affordably.