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Debt Negotiation LeadsDebt Negotiation Leads

We are keenly aware of how unique a true debt negotiation or debt settlement lead is. What types of debts are acceptable, how much unsecured debt they are carrying, if they are late or not, have they ever filed for bankruptcy and what their credit score is. These criteria are all part of our screening process. This level of pre-qualification results in targeted, qualified debt settlement leads that close.

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Credit Counseling LeadsCredit Counseling Leads

Lead Discovery owns a number of credit counseling and debt management properties including Credit Counseling Here we give our visitors and your prospects the straight truth about what debt relief means in terms of credit counseling and debt management and how they work together. Your prospects are educated on these topics so they are fully aware of what your company can offer. This strategy produces high quality debt leads that will close!

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Debt Consolidation LeadsDebt Consolidation Leads
Virtually all consolidation and equity loans are used to pay off at least a few high interest rate credit card debts. These consumers are at an important crossroads in the debt relief process. They must understand if a loan is the right solution for them, and if it is, how to properly use a loan to pay off their debts and stay out of debt in the future. Consumers who understand how to use a consolidation loan and are qualified are most likely to complete the loan application process and NOT to default on that loan. Our informational websites sift out customers who are not qualified for a consolidation or equity loan and keep only debt conslidation prospects that have a high likelihood of being approved. Don't waste your time on confused and unqualified loan applications. Supply your consolidation loan sales people with qualified debt consolidation or equity loan leads that close.

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Bankruptcy LeadsBankruptcy Leads

Lead Discovery owns high value web properties related to the Bankruptcy Act, The bankruptcy Means Test and The Debtor Education Course. We offer packages as low as $50/year to place your company's detailed profile, including web links, email addresses, social media links, Google Map and even a quote form that delivers all inquiries directly to you, on all three of our Bankruptcy related properties. Call 760-295-4956 to discuss your premium placement listing.


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home foreclosure LeadsHome Foreclosure Leads

Home Foreclosure rates have increased dramaticly in 2007 and the trend has grown exponentially through 2013. Lead Discovery is positioned to make first contact with home owners in distress, educate them on their options and deliver them to our lead alliance partners in real time. Our home foreclosure education properties such as are positioned in every online location that a home owner may seek out foreclosure information. Since we own the website we control the content, so the consumer is never mis-lead, their research experience and expectations are always in line with your services value proposition.

2/28/2017 Lead Discovery is accepting 2 lead alliance partners into our program this year. Our forclosure leads are in high demand and we are looking for a nationwide foreclosure PREVENTION company who can deliver on the promise of saving homes. If you offer a nationwide service with multiple foreclosure options and would like to partner with the premiere home foreclosure lead generation company please contact us today at 760-295-4956.


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