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Drive Traffic With Image Marketing

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Your Images Can Unlock a New Source of Qualified Traffic and Sales

Image Search Optimization


Image Marketing San DiegoYour images can create sales while representing your business' identity. We find it amazing that this area of internet marketing has been almost completely overlooked.

For years companies have tried to "protect" their images from being "stolen" or used by others.  We agree that some images need to be protected, but the remaining images should be liberated and promoted to the general public so that they can be easily shared and distributed throughout their social circles.


Pintrest MarketingGoogle, Bing and yahoo all have robust image search capabilities that are used by millions of people each day. Images are also used in natural search listings, Look at this search on Google for Loyalty Loop and you'll find Lead Discovery's graphic at the top of their results. allows millions of users to organize projects by creating virtual pin boards composed of pictures found on websites like yours. Your images are the engine to many new online services that represent a new way to generate traffic and sales.


Let Lead Discovery's creative image marketing tactics give your social sharing a new life using your existing images.  Lead Discovery can optimize your website and images so that they are found and ranked highly by image search engines. Our tracking and monitoring capabilities can show you exactly where your images were used, shared, and even when they resulted in sales on your website. Don't keep your images locked up on your website, share them with the world through effective image marketing.

Lead Discovery's image search marketing service is just another example of how we think out of the box and push our client's businesses forward with unique internet marketing tactics your competitors are not using.

Contact us today at 1-760-295-4956 and we'll evaluate your image search marketing traffic potential for free.