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Content Marketing Engages Prospects and Promotes Social Sharing

Content Marketing ServicesOnline consumers are on a mission of discovery. Some wish to discover an answer to a specific question, others to find entertainment and still others to simply participate in the act of being social by sharing interesting content with their friends and followers.  There are millions of reasons consumers jump online each day, but in all cases their activities will involve the use of interesting, valuable and sharable content.

What is Content Marketing?

When Internet marketers refer to Marketing content we mean any type of information that you use to communicate with your visitors online. Examples of marketing content are: text articles or posts, videos, images, pictures or audio files.

Content marketing is the process of creating compelling marketing content that supports your sales goals, then promoting it to your online audience so they may become engaged with your business for the right reasons. A simple example using a dental practice would be creating articles about safe teeth whitening, creating a video on the process of teeth whitening and taking before and after pictures of happy dental patient you have done teeth whitening for. Collectively these marketing assets support the goal of encouraging more people to try your dental teeth whitening service. These assets are posted to your website, blog and social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. True success in content marketing comes when your content is valuable enough to your social network that it is shared by your connections, thereby reaching an even wider audience and driving interestedf, quality traffic to your website. The success of Content marketing is amplified when used as part of a clearly defined internet marketing strategy.

Content is King!
What content should we create? How do we use it to promote our company?

Lead Discovery's content strategies will bring your content marketing assets into focus. We will help you organize your current content into categories that support your business' goals. We'll identify content opportunities and create new content where needed. Once you have a complete set of marketing content assets we'll integrate them into an overall content marketing strategy that includes sharing them among your social communities.

Don't have any content? Or it's a scattered mess of odd items? Or perhaps content marketing sounds like marketing jabberwockey to you? No worries, we get it. Contact us so we can give you a simple walk through of a content marketing strategy that will clear things up.